Educational Psychology is both art and science, employing the ability to attune to other individuals, and the expertise to assess scientifically.  Our goal  is to help students discover and embrace their uniqueness, even if part of it may be called a disability.  We also help students learn to develop fulfilling relationships, while maintaining their individuality. Through assessment, counseling, and social skills training, students acquire the skills to achieve academically and socially.

Each of us is one-of-a-kind, responding to the world around us in ways as unique as our DNA or fingerprints.  We are also part of a collective, with the need for social acceptance and meaningful relationships with others.    For many, especially those with special needs, those conflicting inner drives can set up a lifetime of frustration and loneliness.   With effective intervention, negative habits can be overcome through self-understanding and self-respect, and then the development of satisfying interpersonal relationships.

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Charles Wintner